Jauca Windsurfing and Puerto Rico, a great windsur destination.

" The New Spot "

Windy spot with great bump and jump conditions

If you believe the south of the island was just flat water with no waves to jump or surf, its because you never have been in Jauca

Jauca is located in the south of the island in the town of Santa Isabel. Its a windy spot; 18-25 knots blowing onshore. Waves from 2 to 4 feet creating some great bump and jumps conditions for some of the best port-tack jumping in the island.

The port - tack jumping conditions are great for south coast locals but for sailors from the north coast is like learning to jump for the first time. So if you see a bunch of guys crashing in every jump probably they are north locals.

Jauca is a quiet place, not crowded except for some local kids that have been sailing for only 1 year and master this condition like pros.

The day we visited the place it was blowing like 20 knots with 2-foot waves. South locals told us that it offers bigger waves when the place goes off.

The cool thing about this place is that its a small, quiet bay that it doesn't matter were you fall you are going to touch the bottom.

For more information about this place e-mail: Jose R.Pla